An In Depth Look Into Luminess Air

luminess airWe live in a time and age where standards of beauty are at an all time high, and where a large majority of women strive to meet these standards. This race to beauty has led to a dramatic growth in the cosmetic industry, with new and innovative products being released every year.

That is where Luminess Air comes in, offering a superior airbrush makeup system which guarantees flawless and radiant skin. This system stands out from the cosmetic crowd with its inexpensive nature and its luxurious feel. Targeted towards the average woman, Luminess Air has given you and all your female friends the opportunity to step out into the world looking like you just spent hours with your personal makeup artist.

What Products Does Luminess Air Offer You?

The term airbrush makeup system is all encompassing, and includes an extensive range of cosmetics which you can utilize on a daily basis. To get you familiar with Luminess Air, we have given you a rundown of the products they provide for your makeup needs.

  1. Essentials

These products transform your skins appearance by erasing blemishes and blotchiness, evening your complexion, hydrating the area under your eyes, tightening and brightening your skin, moisturizing your skin, and reversing the aging process.

– Luminess Air Essentials include Eraser, Porcelain, X-Out, BOOST-it, Moisturizing Primer, Glow, Minus-10, Waterproof Sealant and Revitalizing Mist.

– Pro-Line Essentials include Minus 10 Pump, FOTOSET Primer, EYEFI Primer, Boost-it Spray, Waterproof Sealant Spray, and Bronzer Spray.

– Rouge Underground essentials include the Rouge Underground Airbrush System, Complexion Enhancer, Make-Up Sealant, Bronzer, Skin Detexturizer, Eye Primer, Face Primer, Instant Revival Makeup Rejuvenator, and Air Supremacy Mist Foundation.

  1. Foundations

This all-new generation of airbrush foundation from Luminess Air offers unbeatable blend-ability for all skin types. Whether you like the sheer look or are partial to full coverage, the long wearing oil-free foundation will give your skin a silky smooth look.

– Luminess Air has 5 main finishing options for you, including silk foundation, ultra foundation, satin foundation, matte foundation and mist foundation. These foundations come in a range of color shades, including porcelain, bloom, buff, golden beige, fawn, sun kissed, cinnamon, chestnut, coffee, espresso, chocolate and java.

  1. Concealers

Luminess Air has a variety of concealers available, which can be used to reduce visibility of shadows, pores, lines, blemishes, veins and dark circles to name a few. These concealers also ensure that you have an excellent base for Luminess Air foundation.

– Airbrush Concealers include Ivory CC+ Concealer, Light Beige CC+ Concealer, Warm Beige CC+ Concealer, Ochre CC+ Concealer and Coffee CC+ Concealer.

– Liquid Concealers include Ivory Concealer, Light Beige Concealer, Warm Beige Concealer, Ochre Concealer and Coffee Concealer.

  1. Eyes

If you would like to highlight the appearance of your eyes, then Luminess Air offers a versatile collection of eye products to meet your mood.

– The 6 major eye care products on offer include airbrush eye shadow, airbrush eye shadow sets, gel eye shadows, eye liners, eyelash enhancers and mineral loose pigments. Because the range of colors on offer is exceptionally comprehensive, we will not list them here- you can find them on the Luminess Air website instead.

  1. Lips

Luminess Air provides professional lipsticks and lip glosses in a large variety of colors, to enhance the lushness, moisture levels and appearance of your lips.

  1. Face

In an effort to enhance the appearance of your face, Luminess Air has a variety of cosmetics to moisturize, brighten, highlight and contour your face. These face cosmetics includes moisturizing primer, glow, blush, bronzer, metallics, waterproof sealant and translucent powder.

  1. Skin

To promote your skins appearance and health, and to protect your skin from the harsh environmental factors it is exposed to, we have a variety of DermaWorks and Luminess Lift skin products on offer. These skin products also rejuvenate, tighten, detoxify, strengthen and restore damaged skin cells.

  1. Airbrush Systems

There are two main airbrush system kits, which aim to serve your makeup needs by simplifying your airbrushing applications. These hygienic and dermatologist recommended systems guarantee a professional and flawless look.

– Basic Kits include the Everyday System, Beauty System, Heiress Beauty System, Limited Edition Leopard System and Legend Airbrush System.

– Pro Kits include the Pro System, Pro Hot Pink System, Pro Gold System, Ultimate Pro Bundle and EPIC System.

Luminess Air also offers nail and tanning products to all its customers.

What Properties Do Luminess Air Products Comprise Of?

  1. Matchless coverage
  2. Hypo-allergenic
  3. Non-comedogenic; no blackheads for you
  4. Fragrance free
  5. Paraben free
  6. Water based
  7. Dermatologist recommended; created for all skin types including sensitive skin
  8. Lasts over 12 hours
  9. Never tested on animals

Why Should You Go With Luminess Air?

Now that you are aware of the myriad of products on offer from Luminess Air, as well as the properties you can expect to witness when you use these cosmetics, it is time to determine why you should go with the airbrush makeup system.

To begin with, this airbrush makeup system is popular among renowned makeup artists as well as the celebrities they cater to, due to the simple way in which it delivers beautiful, controlled, flawless and polished skin. Moreover application of Luminess Air cosmetics maintains your natural skin tone regardless of whether you prefer light or heavy coverage, and the hypo-allergenic and non-comedogenic properties of the cosmetics eliminates irritation on your face.

Furthermore the makeup has been proven to last up to 18 hours, which is excellent for those who do not have time to spend critical time on their appearance. Last but not least is the fact that the airbrush makeup system can be utilized on other parts of your body, so that all blemishes, marks and tattoos on your skin can be covered.

What Complaints Have Been Leveled Against Luminess Air?

  1. The foundation offers little coverage per drop
  2. The foundation is known to run when your face gets wet
  3. The Airbrush system kits take a few test applications before you get a handle on this

Is Luminess Air For You?

Now that you know all the delightful and unpleasant facts of Luminess Air, it is time to make your decision. However if you still have lingering doubts about the airbrush system’s suitability for you, then read on.

Luminess Air has created a perfect color match for the everyday woman, which has been proven to be hygienically safe and simple to use. So if you are looking for an intuitive solution to your makeup problems, then this vibrant, youthful and natural looking touchless airbrush makeup system is perfect for you.